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Our “house specialty”. Alluring to the background that themes our event, the Greek were TITANS in the use of abstractions, such as using letters to stand for numbers that are either unknown or allowed to take on many values. Thus, since we couldn’t make up our minds on an exact distance or amount of obstacles, we decided to leave it “abstract”, that way when you run it, you’ll get to solve for “T”. Hint: Distance can vary from 10 to 16 kilometers. Obstacle number shall remain conceptual.

What’s included:

  • * From 10 to 16 kilometers race
  • * Titans Race Official Shirt
  • * Titans Race official Medal


Getting to TITANS Race

Does the facility have a parking lot?

Specific parking instructions will be sent out via email days prior to event day.

Where does titans race will start and end?

Our best point of reference is the Coliseo Municipal Jesus M Colon Collazo. The specific address is Carr. 155 Km 30.1, Orocovis, PR 00720 http://goo.gl/maps/tak2d

Pricing & Discounts

How much does it cost?

Visit Regitek.com for more information on specific pricing. NOTE: Price increases on a monthly basis. The earlier you register, the lowest price you’ll pay.

Are prices listed per person or per team?

The prices are listed on Regitek.com per person, and per team.

Is there military discount?

We offer a 10% military/student discount, which comes off your registration at checkout. Simply, email us at info@titansrace.com using your government/educational institute-issued email address.

Are there team discounts?

Yes, and they’re pretty awesome. Check the registration page for more info.


Can I get a refund?

No. We do not issue refunds, regardless of circumstance, nor do we issue partial refunds.

I’m injured and can’t run, can I get a refund?

It is impossible for us to assess each injury on a case by case basis and therefore do not offer refunds when participants are injured and cannot participate.

If I sign up but can’t participate, can I give my ticket to someone else?

Yes. Send us the name, address, phone number, and email address of the person you wish to transfer your ticket to no later than a week prior to event day.

Registration Details

What is included in the entry fee?

In addition to participation in the event, an official Titans Race t-shirt is included, a medal to seal the victory of your successful race completion, a time chip, refreshments during and after you finish the course (i.e., beer is optional) and whatever other promotional items we might be partnered with at the time.

Why do I have to pay a processing fee?

Regitek.com charges a processing fee in addition to the event registration. The processing fee covers the cost to fulfill your registration through Regitek.com. This charge covers services such as processing and maintaining your registration data, providing customer service, and coordinating with the organizer of the event. The fee is applied to the total of the registration fee; this fee is determined by Regitek.com on an event-by-event basis. The processing fee will always be displayed prior to your payment submission and the fee is non-refundable. Also, most (if not all) registration providers charge a processing fee for transactions. Many use a sliding scale dependent on the entry fee.

Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes. When you arrive on event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge (among other things) that by participating in TITANS Race you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day.

Is there an age requirement to participate in titans race?

Yes. You MUST be at least 16 years old on event day to participate in TITANS for legal and insurance reasons.

How fit do I have to be to participate?

You should have a baseline level of fitness that will allow you to participate safely and not be an undue burden to your fellow participants. Our event’s code of honor includes helping each other to the best of your abilities prior to moving on to another obstacle, but that can become extremely hard for those around you if you lack the strength, know-how, or endurance to help yourself.

Are you experiencing issues/problems during the registration process?

If you are having issues during the registration process, please try using a different internet browser. Also, we recommend using a PC or laptop rather than a mobile device or tablet. If you are experiencing technical issues please contact Regitek.com at info@regitek.com.

Can I register by mail or phone?

No. You must register online through our website or through www.Regitek.com

What is the deadline for registration?

Registration is going to close 1 day before the event. However, the price of registration increases the closer to the event that you register so it is important to register as early as possible. We will also accept late registrations on event day but it can only be paid before the race start time, in cash, and it will be the latest amount charged plus a $20 late fee.